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2023-02-13 16:48:51 -  by Textbook Trader -  0 Comment(s)

Right now, our country is going through some serious issues. Food is expensive, clothes are expensive and let’s not even talk about school or university fees or even university books. Speaking of textbooks, there is a smart, affordable option.

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How much is my university textbooks worth?

2022-12-22 15:50:24 -  by -  0 Comment(s)

Every student in South Africa studying will require textbooks at some point in their study year and they are quite pricey. Here we will explain to you, how you can check the value of your textbooks and where you can get the most money for your textbooks. 

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Where to study online in South Africa

2022-09-26 12:54:23 -  by Textbook Trader -  0 Comment(s)

Are you looking to study further but prefer studying from home? Or are you working and looking to further your qualifications? Fortunately, there are various institutions in South Africa who provide online courses.

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Where to buy second hand textbooks

2022-09-20 11:08:37 -  by Textbook Trader -  0 Comment(s)

So you are probably a student looking for affordable textbooks because you realize that your are probably not going to be using the same textbook for more than a year so why not save some money and purchase second hand textbooks.

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Where can I donate my books in South Africa?

2022-09-15 10:09:35 -  by Textbook Trader -  0 Comment(s)

So you have a few textbooks lying around and they are either outdated or not needed anymore, Just check....

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Why selling your unwanted books is the perfect side hustle

2022-09-14 12:14:32 -  by -  0 Comment(s)

Have you ever thought of selling used textbooks? Selling your used textbooks can make you a great side income. You can use that extra money to pay off your student fees and purchase more textbooks for your next study period.

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How to save cash when you buy and sell used textbooks

2022-09-14 11:50:29 -  by -  0 Comment(s)

Save cash when you buy and sell used university textbooks.

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How to sell your textbooks online

2022-09-14 11:44:07 -  by -  0 Comment(s)

This video explains the process of selling your used university textbooks online.

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